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New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries, INC New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries, INC

Church Staff Church Staff

Our desire is to see lost souls saved, build the kingdom, and see people restored to a right fellowship. To bless the members of New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries and believers everywhere in every walk of life with wisdom, insight, understanding, clarity of hearing the voice of God and knowing God. 
Bishop Kenneth R. Stringfellow - Pastor and Founder -



Being led as we believe by the Spirit of God, we are endeavoring through God’s instrumentality to empower the powerless, restore the lost to right standing with God, and love the hurt away.
Our desire is to see lost souls saved, build the kingdom, and see people restored to a right fellowship. To bless the members of New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries and believers everywhere in every walk of life with wisdom, insight, understanding, clarity of hearing the voice of God and knowing God. 
 That there be signs and miracles following to confirm, the captives are set free, the lame to walk, the blind to see and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
It is important to start out on the right path. Then it is important to stay on the right path. Finally it is important to end up at the correct and final destination point. Heaven!
I will teach you the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s plan for your life , how to find it, get to it and LIVE in it. 
I would like to thank my mother in-law, Pastor & Overseer A.B. Houser and all my laborers and co-laborers in the Gospel, New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries Family and my sister and brothers in Christ for you prayers and support.
 A devoted husband, father of four sons and grandfather to six, I have compassion for people coupled with a strong commitment to God, which inspires me in my work.
Pastor, Debra Stringfellow - Pastor & Church Administra -

A native Houstonian, singing and ministering God’s Word through song over 40 years. I attribute all my gifts and talents to God and my mother, Overseer and Pastor A.B. Houser, who cultivated my gifts at an early age. Because of the love of my father, The Late Bishop, Douglas Lee Houser and my mother’s love for God and her children, her prayers, teachings, and her life in Christ, I was taught the basic foundation of Holiness, and I am able to minister in Word and Song, to God’s people everywhere in every walk of life.
God is true and faithful no matter. When you do not understand or can not comprehend, take it up in pray and worship. God Bless & Keep You is my prayer. I have been blessed to serve as Minister of Music at Bible Way Holiness Church, Miracle Deliverance Tabernacle, Mt. Zion Tabernacle, Zion Temple Baptist Church, Ark of Restitution Baptist Church and Zion Temple Church of God in Christ, weekly services. Served as Sunday School and Mission Teacher, Youth Scholarship Program Coordinator under the leadership of the Late , Pastor Roosevelt Johnson. I am founder of Evangelist Debra Stringfellow Ministries, featuring, WMG Gospel Audio Magazine.
I am a mother of three sons, and a grandmother of four. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, Pastor, Kenneth Stringfellow, who is the love of my life.
The best is yet to come, as we continue to pray and to do what He ordain us to do, Worship Him in everything we do, what we say, what we look at, how we react, what we listen, who we listen to. All are acts of Worship, if it is any thing that God Almighty will not partake in, neither should we. 
And if we come across anything that is offensive, degrading and disrespect. REMEMBER ~ never take out your anger on individuals and remember who the real enemy is and the battle is won in prayer. Do not be fooled into thinking it is flesh and blood, love all people no matter what, it’s just a test, love them with the love of Jesus. And what angers you to a boiling point is you prayer mission to do battled always in prayer, never direct anger toward people. 


Vacant - Superintendent


Superintendent nes
Our Sunday School Superintendent, Joseph Jones , works closely with our pastor, Kenneth Stringfellow in planning, scheduling, communicating, staffing, managing supplies and delegating responsibilities. Superintendent Jones, is a careful listener who invites participation by those with a variety of skills.
Superintendent Jones spends time in worship, prayer, praise and devotions. We are called and challenged to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children, youth and adults can experience God’s love and grace and see transforming power in their lives.
We are truly blessed to have Superintendent Joseph Jones join our ministerial staff. A man of God who is rooted and grounded in scripture. The foundations of Sunday School are rooted in scriptures. “Keep these words that I am commanding you today in your heart. Recite them to your children and talk about them when you are at home and when you are away, when you are like down and when you arise.” Duet 6:6-7
Join us every Sunday Morning @ 9:30 am. Come and receive a word!
Pastor, Debra Stringfellow - CoPastor, Minister of Music -


I am open to both members and visitors to New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries. I encourage those who are musically inclined as well as those who simply love music to participate in raising their voices in joy and praise during our services. When praises go up, blessings will come down. God inhabits the praise of HIS people.
I am responsible for developing, planning, conducting, scheduling and evaluating the music ministry of New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries
I minister through word and song, play the organ, keyboard and have recorded several songs. 
See I strongly believe, no matter who you are, you can worship & praise God with your gifts. I cultivate the gifts of the congregation to glorify God.
Praise Team: Anointed Voices of Praise
Youth Choir: Voices of Victory
Adult Choir: Anointed Voices of Deliverance
Male Chorus: Brothers of Deliverance 
Keyboard:  Co-Pastor Debra Stringfellow
Keyboard:  Bro. Spencer Deon White
Drums:  Bro. Kiltrick White


Vacant - Youth Director

Youth Director will or  has assumed the great commission to train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Youth Director is in charge of our Youth Department’s many faces; Youth Usher Board, Youth Choir, Youth Church, Youth Drill Team, Youth Summer Lunch Program and much more. She has earned and established respect from both our parents and children as well as our pastor, Bishop Kenneth Stringfellow. 

 Who are we? 

 The Sunshine Band is a children's ministry that encompasses ages up to 12 years old. We have three levels of sun shiners: Sunbeams (ages 1-5), Sunrays (ages 6-8) and Illuminators (ages 9-10). Each age group have their own special needs and its our endeavor to meet those needs.

 Our Purpose

 Our primary focus is to teach and save our children by keeping them involved in meaningful and wholesome activities. We also try to build a partnership between the home and the church to provide a spiritual foundation for each child.

Create to inspire and equip our youth of today, discover who they are in God, and to fullfill thier purpose and destiny.

Elect Lady, Overseer A.B. Houser - Spiritual Advisor

Elect Lady, Pastor A. B. Houser, has been the ministry for over 50 years. She is currently, Pastor and Overseer of Bible Way Holiness Church, Houston, TX. She is cherishing the memories of her beloved husband, Bishop Douglas L. Houser, who went home to be with the Lord. 
Elect Lady, Pastor A.B. Houser is an anointed, appointed, preacher teacher who operates in a strong anointing and gift of discernment. She believes in integrity, and in living a life of pure unadulterated HOLINESS.
Her life is a living testament.
She is the mother of 4, grandmother of 7. 
Vacant - Sunday School Secretary

Sunday School Secretary

Assistant Sunday School Secretary

Sunday School for Children and Youth

Primary Beginners – Ages 3-7
Juniors Class - Ages 8-11
Intermediate Class – Ages 12-13
Young People’s Class – Ages 14-17
Young Women’s Class – Ages 18-24
Young Men’s Class – Ages 18-24



Training up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.
rom it. Proverbs 22:6
Vacant - Pastor's Aide President

Our Pastor's Aide president has a goal to first do the will of God and next aide our pastor and his wife. She leads the congregation to fulfill the biblical responsibilities of proving for the pastor’s needs. She ensures that the pastor is able to faithfully and effectively fulfill his ministerial responsibilities of empowering, restoring and loving the hurt away. She engages the members to support his endeavors both professionally and personally.

This ministry is committed to demonstrating to the pastor and first family the high regard NDFM holds of its spiritual leader. It coordinates events and church wide efforts for the membership to express their love and appreciation to them. 

This ministry serves in the capacity as extra support to the pastor both inside and outside of the walls of the church. They make sure the pastor has all necessities intact to perform his ministry. They provide support through prayer, encouragement, love and works. This ministry sponsors an annual Christmas and birthday celebration to honor the pastor. They are in charge of the Pastor's Anniversary program and are faithful in doing all things in the name of God that he may be praised.

This group assists the Pastor in ways that will make life a little easier for him/her. The group helps during special times for the Pastor such as, birthday, holidays, vacation and anniversary.

Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine. For the scripture saith, thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And the laborer is worthy of his reward.

1 Tim. 5:17

Vacant - Usher President

An Usher is an official whose business is to introduce strangers, or to walk before person of rank, a forerunner and a doorkeeper.

Sis. Camir Vickery is an officer of the church she serves. She introduces visitors to the church by having them sign a visitor's card. She helps the Pastor to make the service a success by putting the congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the message. She meets the people with a pleasant smile, a warm welcome, and directs them to comfortable seats. She also sees to it that perfect order is kept in and around the church at all times during the services.

Ushers are forerunners, for they prepare the church for the guests by being the first to arrive at the church; they receive the order of the day from the Pastor; they see that the church is in proper condition to receive the guest; they see that hymnals, fans, church literature, collection envelopes, and any other items that are to be distributed to the congregation are in their proper places. Church ushers are missionaries for the church for they perpetuate the spirit throughout the congregation.



Psalms 84:10
“I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked."


If every usher was just like me. What would this usher board be?


If interested in becoming an usher contact: Sis. Camir Vickery

The President - President of Women's Council

Women of Integrity
The women's ministry of New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries, INC, Women of Integrity, is committed to the spiritual, growth, affirmation and empowerment of women. Their mission is fulfilled through times of biblical instruction, education, promoting self-care, fellowship, conferences, and service to the community. NDFM Women Of Integrity aims to be broad in their appeal and holistic in their approach to address the complexities of women's lives.

President of Women’s Council

Missionary Marquita Kuykendall-White

Bro - Brotherhood President

Brotherhood Dept

The Brotherhood Department of New Deliverance Fellowship, Men of Statue and Standard works to promote Christian growth, fellowship and service among the men of the church and community. They have a commitment to being role models for the male youth in our congregation and neighborhood. They also provide invaluable assistance to our senior citizens, witness in the immediate area, and represent the church in community events. 

Brotherhood President,

Min. Rayfield Bryan

Co-Pastor, Debra Stringfellow - President, Hour of Power Prayer Line -

Co-Pastor, Debra Stringfellow, is a dedicated and committed woman of prayer.

May the blessings of God rest upon you. Heavenly father we ask you to bless us when we go out and when we come in.

We ask you to bless us in the city, to bless us in the country. We ask you to bless our fruits and to bless our seeds. We ask you to bless our land. We ask you to bless our store house. We ask you to bless and prosper everything we touch. We ask you to c ause our enemies to come at us in one direction but to flee from us in seven directions because greter are YOU who is in us than he that is in the world. According to YOUR will, in Jesus name. Amen

Praise & Worship Ministry -

Our Praise & Worship ministry seeks to provide an opportunity for youth and adults to enhance their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, further their spiritual gifts. We seek to lift up the name of Jesus and praise the Lord with all thy heart and pour out our hearts to Christ so that we may usher in the Spirit's presence. We seek to minister the word of God through song and scripture. Praise is what I do,what I do, when I want to be close to you.

I'll praise Him at all times.

Vacant - Building Fund President



Chronicles 29:3-9:

Moreover also, because I have set my affection on the house of my God, seeing that I have a treasure of mine own of gold and silver, I give it unto the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house, even three thousand talents of gold, of the gold of Ophir, and seven thousand talents of refined silver, wherewith to overlay the walls of the houses; of gold for the things of gold, and of silver for the things of silver, and for all manner of work to be made by the hands of artificers. Who then offereth willingly to consecrate himself this day unto Jehovah?

Then the princes of the fathers' houses, and the princes of the tribes of Israel, and the captains of thousands and of hundreds, with the rulers over the king's work, offered willingly; and they gave for the service of the house of God of gold five thousand talents and ten thousand darics, and of silver ten thousand talents, and of brass eighteen thousand talents, and of iron a hundred thousand talents.

And they with whom precious stones were found gave them to the treasure of the house of Jehovah, under the hand of Jehiel the Gershonite.

Then the people rejoiced, for that they offered willingly, because with a perfect heart they offered willingly to Jehovah: and David the king also rejoiced with great joy.

We the members of New Deliverance Fellowship Ministries, are determined to build the kingdom of God.


Bro. Oddie Gilbert - Senior Citizen Coordinator

Senior Citizen Ministry

 The Senior Ministry is one of fun and fellowship, witnessing and worship. It was established to assist the members and community seniors spiritually, physically and emotionally. Bible study will be conducted and lunch is served during weekly noonday prayer sessions on Wednesday. The group learns the principles and doctrines of the Word as the basis for maintaining a right relationship with God. Annual events include a summer ice cream social, fall fellowship dinner and other special outings. Their knowledge and wisdom is shared with the Pastor and leadership as well as adults and children in the congregation.

Co-Pastor, Debra Stringfellow - Sound Tech Coordinator

This ministry provides the church with sound and music for all worship services, rehearsals, special and off campus events. Supports the Pastor with spreading the Gospel using new technology via audio duplication and distribution to the Internet on the World Wide Web. Reaching out to make the worship experience memorable through audio recordings.

O bless our God, ye people, and make the voice of his praise to be heard.
Psalm 66:8

The Media Ministry compliments the audio/video and overall worship experience with images and sound captured with the use of lights, video cameras, a big screen projector and all of the lastest technology. Come see and hear how the Lord is blessing us.

Rejoice in the Lord. Psalm 33:1

Spreading the Word of God beyond the four walls thru media technology.

Media Ministry - Min. Elect Shantell Mackey

 The Media Ministry communicates the message of Jesus Christ and supports the Pastor’s vision to reach the congregation, local community and beyond. Members of the ministry are trained to operate and maintain equipment and perform various other functions. The ministry develops and produces audio and video resources of weekly worship services, most church programs and ministry-sponsored events for members, visitors and sick and shut ins.

The Media Ministries is comprised of three ministries: the General Media Ministry; the Tape Ministry; and Technical Services. The General Media Ministry provides oversight of the other two areas. General Media also provides guidance to other EBC ministries and organizations in the use of media as an effective tool to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Tape Ministry duplicates and distributes audio and video tape recordings of NDFM worship services and special events. These tapes are offered for sale before and after Sunday worship services. Current tapes are generally available immediately, while prior recordings may be ordered for pickup or mail delivery.

Technical Services provides and assists in the setup and operation of audio equipment for recording and sound reinforcement, production lighting, video projection, and classroom use of VCR/television units. These services are provided for NDFM worship services, educational meetings and special events.


Min. Elect Shantell Mackey



Sis. Regina Jones - Church Announcer

Announces upcoming events, current happenings and information regarding day to day operations of the ministry.

Culinary Coordinator - Sis. Marquita Kuykendall White

Culinary Ministry

 The Culinary (Kitchen) is instrumental in coordinating the menus, food selections, catering, serving teams, and festive decorations for special events and banquets at our church facilities. A team of volunteers ensures a warm and inviting atmosphere to fellowship, making sure that foods served are hot, nutritious, as well as delicious.

Replaces the Church Pantry Ministry

And thou shalt eat before the Lord thy God, in the place which he shall choose to place his name there. Deuteronomy 14:23

Minister's Wives - Communion Coordinators

Communion Coordinators : 

The communion committee consists of Women in the church who are ministers/deacons wives or have been appointed by the pastor to coordinate the preparation, set up and clean up of the Holy Communion (Lord's Supper) to be served on the first Sunday of each month for a total of three worship services.

"And when he had given thanks, he brake it and said, Take, Eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in rememberance of me". For as often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup, ye do show the Lord's death till he come. I Cor 11:24; 26

Tranportation Ministry -

Transportation Ministry

 As part of our outreach ministry, transportation is provided to persons who need assistance getting to church. We regularly provide transportation to Bible Study, Sunday School and 11 a.m. worship service. Members of this ministry also provide a valuable service, supplying transportation to and for church wide activities and outings for other ministries. This ministry has been vital in enabling many persons to come to worship and to find Christ. 

Benevolence Department -

An opportunity to extend God’s love, comfort and encouragement to the hospitalized, deceased and their families through effective visitation, prayer, phone calls and greeting cards and flowers.

The Bereavement Ministry offers physical, emotional and spiritual solace to members and their families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. It notifies the congregation of bereavements, sickness, hardships, etc. Ministry members offer support through home , errands, etc.

Altar Workers Ministry -

Missionary Buie oversees and is charged to protect the anointing and sacreness of the altar through prayer, supplications and worship. Provides intercessory prayer and encouragement to those who are encountering seasons of adversary.

This ministry promotes a consistent prayer life for every disciple, emphasizing that the call to prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God and an effective tool for God's work. Persons are available to pray with you individually or disciples may join the weekly intercessory prayer

Hospitality Ambassadors - Bro. Oddie Gilbe

The purpose of this ministry is membership retention. We have to give in account of what we have done with those who have come in to God's house. Improving on how we meet, greet, involve and access information. Tracking new members, Visitor Gifts and Packets, Thank You cards, Membership Information and Follow-ups and New Member Orientation Classes.


Vacant - Facilities Director

The house of the God requires the utmost respect and care through the maintenance and improvement of the church. Also responsible for the grounds upkeep.

Educational Scholarship Ministry -

The focus of the education ministry is to keep the membership abreast of educational training opportunities, scholarships, and various educational issues emerging in our society. This is done through networking with area schools and community agencies, and collaborating with other NDFM ministries that address the educational process. Initiatives of the education ministry consist of periodic workshops, group discussions, tutorial classes and test preparation. 

Prison Ministry -

The Prison Ministry is committed to making relevant the gospel of Christ to those who are incarcerated. Members visit or write the local jails to provide literature, and share the Word through conversation and study. They focus on persons becoming reconciled to God and acquiring the skills needed to be reconciled to the community upon their release.

Pending - President of Mother's Board

“Church Mothers" are respected, older women who help support and nurture younger women in the church. A church mother "has lived many years and has experienced, actually experienced some of the workings of God.

Our mother's board consists of women who are members of the congregation. Our mother's board is responsible not only for mentoring and assisting younger women within the church, but also for hosting a variety of church activities for children and families.

Mother Anna White pays close attention to the physical as well as spiritual needs of the people. If someone needs shoes or clothing, she speaks to her group, which will provide it. She counsels, encourages and prays with those who are in need of spiritual help. Church mothers are role models for the female members of the church, and will assist them in choosing appropriate church wear, or talk to them about respecting themselves and their parents.


Mother Anna White also offers support to the pastor and his staff. One of the duties of a church mother is assisting the pastor. She also assist in welcoming new members to the church, or in offering prayers for and visiting members of the church who are sick or in nursing homes.

Join us in welcoming our President of NDFM Mother’s Board, Mother Anna White.